How many tickets can I buy?

Each person is limited to 2 tickets per day.

What if I wasn’t able to purchase tickets because the slots for the week were not available?

Stay tuned on the website for future ticket availability as more slots are released per week.

Are there additional charges when I buy tickets online?

Yes, there is a payment service charge when you purchase tickets online.

What are the different modes of payment on Paymongo?

On Paymongo, you can pay using Gcash, GrabPay, and Online Banking Payment Methods.

Will tickets be available to purchase on-site?

Yes, there are walk-in tickets available at the venue but it is limited in number.

How do I claim my ticket at the ticket booth?

Show your ticket reservation sent via email to the staff at the ticket booth.

What are the inclusions of the ticket?

You get 1-hour exhibit admission, a physical NCT Home ticket, a random exclusive NCT Home event photocard, an NCT Home event souvenir card, an NCT Home poster flyer, a guest wristband, an NCT Home loyalty card, and access to in-exhibit exclusives and official merchandise.

When are new days/slots available?

Time slots will be open on a weekly basis, and they will be available until they are sold out. Once sold out, the following week’s slots will be opened.

Can I buy a ticket for a friend?

Yes, you can buy a ticket for a friend as long as it is within the ticket limit.

How do I transfer a ticket?

An authorization letter must be presented at the ticket booth with a copy of a valid ID of the original owner of the ticket.

Are discounts such as senior, and PWD discounts applicable?

Yes, please bring your IDs and we can apply the discount on-site.

Can I cancel/refund my ticket?

Strictly no refund or cancellation.

Can I exchange my ticket to a different time slot?

Strictly no exchange of tickets. All ticket sales are final.

Can minors join the exhibit?

Yes. Minors are welcome to join. However, we require them to be accompanied by at least one (1) guardian.

Do minors need a ticket?

Yes. All minors and their companion/s need a ticket to enter the exhibition.


How long can I spend inside the exhibition?

Each guest can enjoy the exhibit for 60-minutes

How frequent are the time slots?

Each day has 9 time slots which are 1-hour long. There will be 30-minute intervals between each time slot.

If I have friends in a different time slot, can I meet up with them once they enter?

To ensure every guest has an enjoyable experience, we will strictly follow each time slot.

Can I still enter the exhibit if I am late?

You can still enter the exhibit within a 30-minute window, beyond that you may be refused entry without refund. Please arrive ahead of your slot time.

Can I use the NCT Home Photoism photo booth?

The access is limited to ticket holders and you will have to pay to use the photobooth.

Am I allowed to bring my neobong/leekbong?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your neobong/leekbong inside the exhibition hall. All other unrelated light sticks are strictly prohibited.


Must I be fully vaccinated to enter the exhibit?

All guests who are 12 years old and above must be fully vaccinated.

Will I be allowed to take photos inside the exhibition?

You can take photos and videos inside the exhibition using your phone.

Are professional cameras allowed?

Professional cameras like mirrorless and DSLR cameras are allowed. Polaroid cameras are okay to bring.

How far in advance can I get in line ahead of my time slot?

You can start lining up 15-20 minutes before your time slot.

If I show up early, can I enter a different time slot?

No, you can only enter during your time slot.

What items are prohibited?

- Food & beverages
- Hazardous materials such as bottles, fireworks, and laser pointers, as well as flowers and balloons.
- Animals, with the exception of service animals, are not allowed.
- All professional cameras are prohibited.


Will there be exclusive merchandise available at the exhibit?

Yes. The exclusive merchandise zone is located at the end of the exhibit.

Can walk-in ticket holders buy merchandise?

Yes, they can order from the available merchandise list on-site.

How much merchandise is available on-site?

The on-site stock is limited, so once an item is sold out there is no more restocking.

Are there additional charges when I buy merchandise online?

Yes, there is a payment service charge when you purchase merchandise online.

When will I get my NCT Home exclusive random photocard?

You can get your exclusive random photocard at the Ticket Verification area on the same day as your time-slot.

How do I pick up my MD?

Go to the MD Zone, go to the pick-up line, and show your order information.

If pre-ordered merch, how long will it take for it to arrive?

The merchandise is custom ordered so it will take some time before it arrives in the Philippines.

Is there a shipping option for my ordered merchandise?

Unfortunately, there is no shipping option for the merchandise orders. All orders must be picked-up in person.


What are the safety protocols that are put into place for the exhibit?

  1. All NCT Home staff are regularly tested for COVID -19 before starting work.
  2. All NCT Home staff are required to wear masks.
  3. There will be rubbing alcohol available throughout the exhibit area for guests to sanitize their hands.
  4. All the exhibit rooms are thoroughly sanitized before opening hours.
  5. All the exhibit rooms are sanitized regularly before the guests of the next time slot enter.
  6. All guests 12 years old and above must be fully vaccinated.
  7. Masks are highly encouraged. Children under 12 are required to wear masks.


Ticket Reservation and Exhibit Viewing (Must-Read)

  1. There will be limited on-site ticket sales
  2. Please purchase your tickets in advance to ensure your time slot.
  3. At the ticket booth, you will receive your ticket inclusions
  4. You may not be allowed to enter if you are more than 30 minutes late.
  5. If you are late, tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  6. You can only enter during your time slot and not any other time slot.
  7. Viewing time is limited to 60 minutes per reserved time slot.
  8. You can only view the exhibition in the designated order of the exhibition content. You cannot go against the designated route.
  9. Visit the merchandise store immediately following your exhibition tour.
  10. Claim your random NCT Home exclusive photocard at the Ticket Verification pick-up area.
  11. You can only enter once within your reserved time slot.Re-entry is not allowed once you leave.
  12. Each visitor must have a ticket to enter. Unaccompanied minors 12 and under, including infants and young children, will be prohibited from entering or viewing the exhibition.

Details for those with mobility impairment

The exhibit venue is ADA compliant, and elevators are available in the mall. If you require assistance, please contact us.

NCT Home Loyalty Card

  1. Every guest will receive a loyalty card with seven empty slots.
  2. Each ticket bought is equivalent to one stamp. (1 ticket = 1 stamp)
  3. If you buy multiple tickets, each ticket will have a stamp. If you exceed more than 7 stamps right away, the staff will provide you another loyalty card.
  4. If you participate in the weekly stamp promotion, show your post to a staff stationed at the loyalty stamp zone at the MD Zone exit and they will stamp your card.
  5. Once the card is filled you can go to the loyalty stamp zone for the raffle prize.
  6. You will choose a random paper raffle inside a box. You may win official NCT merchandise.
  7. After choosing a random paper raffle, drop the card inside the designated box for the grand prize giveaway.
  8. The grand prize winner/s will be announced on the exhibition closing day.


Travel to SM Megamall, head to Mega B, go up to the 5th Level, and find Megatrade Hall 2.


By Train

Got to MRT-1 Shaw Boulevard Station Stop and walk to SM Megamall

By Bus

Bus Station In Different Parts of Metro Manila via EDSA Highway to the SM Complex Bus Station

By Jeep

Take any Jeep headed for Ortigas Center and find a stop at Shaw Boulevard or Ortigas, walk to SM Megamall

By Car/Motorcycle

Accessible via EDSA Highway and Dona Vargas Avenue


If you require assistance, please contact us.